Tips to Get Your Startup Business Found on Google Webinar So you've started your business and you're having trouble connecting with new customers, we want to help. Ignite Technology and Innovation, in partnership with Bruce Jones of 1 on 1 SEO Training, presents Tips to Get Your Startup Business Found on Google Webinar. 

Many businesses, especially startups, are looking to gain more customers. In this day and age, it's all about your online presence; How to get your business to pop up when consumers are looking for your business's specific niche. Well, where do most consumers start looking? Through Google! 

With the help of an SEO specialist, we will dive into what it takes to optimize your presence on Google. Through tips we've used first-hand, we will break down the importance of keywords, building your online profile, and how to add your business to other sources.

So if you're interested in widening your online audience, join us on May 10th at 1:00 pm, and let's get started!

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