One of the most important decisions you will make in your business is where to work. Having a place that fosters creativity and productivity is crucial for any entrepreneur looking to succeed. This blog post discusses 5 things considered important when choosing a coworking space, like amenities, location, and cost!

  1. The amenities offered at the space should fit what you would like to include in your workday. Do they have a shared kitchen? How about meeting rooms or outdoor recreational areas? It's important that you find out all of the potential places for collaboration and cohesiveness among members before committing to one location.

  2. Location is another major factor to consider when searching for a place to work. Some people prefer the hustle and bustle of downtown, while others desire serenity in their surroundings. The space should be accessible by your target customers or business partners but also in an area where you will enjoy spending time every day.

  3. Make sure that cost is taken into consideration as well. The price you pay should provide adequate value for the services they offer, so take an extensive look at what is included in their membership fees and any additional charges that may apply to your needs.

  4. Also consider other costs associated with working out of a coworking space like commuting, parking, or dining nearby when figuring out how much it will cost you to work there.

  5. It's also helpful if the space offers different membership levels so that your needs can change with time and you aren't locked into one option forever.

Momentum Coffee & Coworking

Now that we have shared the things you should consider, we want to share how Momentum Coffee and Coworking at 2119 S State Street may meet your coworking needs.

Location, Location Location

Momentum Coffee and Coworking is located in Chicago, South Loop. The South Loop is the perfect location for a coworking space. There are many benefits to finding working in this neighborhood as it will provide you with a great work environment. The South Loop is filled with entrepreneurs , startups and solopreneurs and people who need a different location to "WFH"!

Many of the South Loop coworking spaces are not far from one another which makes it easy to pop into another one if there's something else that interests you.

Momentum provides a coworking space with open seating and desks, along with huddles spaces available as well if you need something more private on an hourly basis. The space dedicated to coworking has an industrial feel that many people love.


Some of the common amenities at a coworking space are listed below. Be sure to ask your potential coworking spaces what their amenities are!

Wifi and wired internet connection - Business Center: computers, printers, fax machines, etc. - Conference Room or Meeting Space Availability - Office Supplies (paper, pens/pencils) - Coffee Service Available - Food & Snacks for Purchase at Onsite.

You will find that Momentum Coffee and Coworking will have most of the amenities found in other coworking spaces and free Momentum drip coffee and tea all day!


Coworking spaces typically have different membership rates depending on the space, location and amenities available. Some common types of plans are listed below:

- Open Desk (office hours only) - Dedicated (HOT) desk(s) for specific times/days per week - Access to Conference Room or Meeting Space

- Price Range ($ to $ per month) - Payment Methods Accepted: Cash, credit card or check Corporate membership available Other payment options accepted

Check out Momentum Coffee and Coworking

There are many coworking spaces to choose from; the best way to find one that fits your needs is by visiting them in person. If you can't, ask for pictures or testimonials!

Ask about Membership Types Available: Monthly Membership, Open Desk Office Hours Only, Dedicated Desks, Weekday Access, Flexible Day Passes, Event Pricing Offers, Hours of Operation and other things that you may are specific to your space needs.

If you're looking for a great place to work, choose Momentum Coffee & Coworking, 2119 S State Street, Chicago South Loop. Start your morning right with a cup of locally roasted Momentum Coffee and get going! We've got great eats, local art on the walls, and a beautiful space to work at.

Until then #keepthemomentum

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