The current coronavirus pandemic has cast a tremendous effect on the global economy. With the current state, by the end of this year, major economies of the world will lose 4.5% of their GDP. 

The scenario isn't much different for the food industry too. Multiple brands over the world have shut their franchise in different countries throughout 2019-2021.

 Momentum Coffee’s Journey

Like all the other restaurants, Momentum Coffee had to face the fight before even beginning. We were just starting our journey and regulations to stop spreading coronavirus pandemic hits. 

Now, what could be the solution? Joe Coffee App - mobile ordering and rewards became our ultimate answer to this question. We were new, and we had no way to spread the word of our opening on a larger scale. This was when the Joe Coffee app helped us share with the South Loop community that we had a way where people could place an order and enjoy their normal life. 

Journey with Joe: A Successful Tale For Us!

Our partnership with Joe continues to be successful.

Community support, good service, good product- we have it all. But for a Chicago coffee shop, especially as a new Coffee Shop in Chicago, reaching the people were tough during this pandemic. 

The partnership with Joe has helped us to make a perfect marketing plan. It ensured us the best results by providing data on which plan is working and which one is not. 

Momentum: A Community Coffee Shop

"We want to empower the community!"

Momentum Coffee believes in this statement! We focus on our clients rather than concentrate on the competition. It's not only about business; it's about connection and spreading love with the whole community. 

Community matters a lot to us, and throughout our partnership and collaboration, we are able to serve the community better. 

Now, people can just order Momentum Coffee ahead of time and pick their drink just when they need it. There is no waiting line. All that awaits the customer is a great drink and a friendly barista.

How Momentum Coffee is Operating Now & Keeping The Momentum: Take a Look at Our Initiatives

In Momentum Coffee, we offer contactless beverage service with the help of multiple features, like- 

  • Contact-free mobile ordering

By using this option, people can easily order their drink and enjoy it at home. During the pandemic, this is the most used service by our clients. We look forward to the City of Chicago to open up and allow the community to return to normal. We can now embrace the new norm and enjoy coffee with our loved ones. And if you are still worried about your safety, you can still use this particular feature at  Momentum Coffee via the joe app.

Chicago Dolla Java Days $1 Drink

Using promo code '1Javachicago', all the people in the community can enjoy their favorite drink for a cost of $1 when they place their  order through the Joe Coffee App. This promotion lasts thru June 20. It is a great time to try new drinks at Momentum Coffee.

Mobile Order Pick-up

People can order a drink and set a probable time to pick it up. You will get notified that we have accepted your order and when the order is ready.

By maintaining all these procedures, during this time of pandemic, finally, we can say that we have fought well and survived!

Wrapping Up

We strive to be the best Coffee Shop in Chicago! Come in and experience Momentum Coffee, a black owned coffee shop in Chicago’s South Loop Community. We are near the Wintrust Arena & McCormick place and just a few steps away from the green line.

Have you already visited us? Are you planning to place your order? If you like us and would to motivate our team, post about Momentum in your social media with the #Keepthemomentum!

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